Vancouver Flip-Out Tournaments at
2018 Vancouver Pinball Expo

Sept 6-9, 2018

Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre

Women's Coup-de-Grace

Tournament for Women Only.


Saturday 2:00pm-6:00pm.
Registration opens Saturday 10am, closes 1:45pm.

Entry and Eligibility

Entry fee is $10. No re-entries.
– Entry is restricted to women only.

Tournament Format

This is a 4-Strike Knockout tournament. This format means you keep playing until you have lost 4 games.
– At the start of each round, players are matched against another opponent for a 2-player game, with swiss-style match-ups, on a randomly-selected machine.
– Order of play each game is as shown by the software.
– The winner of the game moves on to the next round without an additional strike. The other player gets one additional strike, but also moves on unless it was their 3rd strike.
– After each round is complete, a new round commences, with new random matchings among all players who do not yet have 4 strikes.
– The one player who remains after all other players have gotten 4 strikes is the tournament winner.
– This tournament will primarily be played in the expo hall, on a bank of machines that will temporarily be closed to attendees in support of the tournament.
– As number of players is reduced, the size of the reserved bank will reduce to allow VPE attendees to use the machines.

Prize Pool

Winner guaranteed $100.
Plaques and prizes for top 4 finishers.

Rulings and Malfunctions

Anytime an abnormal circumstance occurs, a tournament official should be notified. To ensure consistency throughout the tournament, PLAYERS SHOULD NOT RESOLVE ISSUES ON THEIR OWN. Except for rules explicitly covered on this tournament website, PAPA/IFPA Tournament Rules will be used to address malfunctions and as the basis for rulings.

Following are some additional notes that are not covered in the IFPA/PAPA rulings and malfunction sections.
– In general, extra balls will be disabled. If an extra ball is earned, and there is no note on backglass to play or plunge, please contact a tournament official.

Additional Information

Every attempt is made to keep the rules and information on this website accurate and up-to-date, and to run tournaments per the advertised structure and schedule. However, due to the nature of pinball and the fact that the tournaments are entirely run by volunteers, the tournament officials reserve the right to modify the tournament structure or schedule until the start time of that tournament. Late or last minute changes will be announced as appropriate prior to the start of the tournament. Changes to the tournament structure will not be made mid-tournament unless circumstances make such a change absolutely necessary.

For regular updates and discussion on the tournament, please visit our public Facebook event page.
Tournament Directors: Dave Stewart and Germain Mariolle
For questions and inquiries regarding tournaments at Vancouver Flipout, please contact

Vancouver Flip-Out Tournaments are sponsored by Nitro Pinball, serving Canada and the Pacific Northwest in Sales, Rentals, Repairs, and Customizations of Pinball Machines.

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